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What is the process to deploy my app to IL5 if already deployed to IL4?

Game Warden will provision the environments, and we will need you to complete a IL5 System Security Plan (SSP)) and verify app functionality in IL5 STG. Game Warden will generate an IL5-specific Deployment Passport, brief the Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)), and have this person sign the Deployment Passport.

Your app will then be deployed to the IL5 PRD environment.


You do not need to deploy in IL4 before deploying in IL5. Some customers have ends users at each IL.

Do I need to move through lower Impact Levels to reach my target IL?

No, if Game Warden has the Authority to Operate (ATO) for an Impact Level (IL), you can move directly to your preferred IL for Production - assuming you meet all Game Warden requirements.

If I am operating in IL4 (Impact Level) and I want to run in IL2, will this require a separate Staging (STG) and Production (PRD) environment?

Yes, you will need separate Staging (STG) and Production (PRD) environments if you want to run an IL2 and IL4 instance of the application side by side.

How does the Certificate to Field (CtF) process work regarding new releases?

Any app built that meets the criteria set forth by our Director of Security and the Authorizing Official will be able to be granted a Certificate to Field (CtF) for that IL Production (PRD) environment. As long as they follow the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Game Warden process, we should be able to add the new version to the CtF and not issue a new CtF for each update.

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