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Game Warden Help Center


Thank you again for joining the Game Warden team!

We have organized the Help Center content intuitively such that, particularly as new users, you can navigate the topics in the left pane sequentially to gain a complete understanding of the Game Warden product and processes. If you are already familiar with our product, you can select any of the left pane topics to learn more. We also have incorporated a Quick Start section that allows you to immediately get down to business.

The purpose of the Help Center is to broaden your product understanding. Our intent is to gently and effectively guide you through product use.

Our product is comprised of both the Game Warden Web App and the Game Warden platform. You will access the Game Warden Web App to perform several actions such as viewing the pipeline progress of your scanned images and resolving or justifying Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs). The Game Warden platform is our Department of Defense (DOD)-authorized environment. Our analogue or counterpart, Platform One, enables us to use even more rich features, solutions, and tools – such as Big Bang and Iron Bank – to further leverage our ability to quickly and securely deploy your applications.

We are excited about both our product AND documentation. We have added new content, images, and informational videos to enhance your Game Warden knowledge.

We ask for your patience as we develop our new Help Center!

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