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Game Warden Application Overview

The Game Warden Application is your hub for managing your applications in DoD networks. This article gives a general overview of navigating the application and provides links to pages that elaborate on the various functions of Game Warden.

Where can I go in Game Warden?

You can access the various pages of Game Warden via the links in the left navigation panel. The collapsible menu provides links to the following:

Navigation Pane Description
AppCentral This is the Landing page and allows you to view your application information. You also may access Pipelines and Scan Lab, and create and review SSPs.
Images This page displays the Latest and History tables. Both tables display the Image, Component, Version, Status, and Date fields. This page displays information about the image status, which also is helpful if you or our engineers need to troubleshoot an issue.
Documents This page displays Guidance, Application, Approved Justifications, Deployment Passports, and Meeting Recordings. Guidance displays documents our team shares with you. Application displays technical documents specific to your application and container. You can upload documents here to ensure our engineers have the most current files. Approved Justifications displays the justifications approved by our Security team. Deployment Passports reveals your ATO package details. Meeting Recordings provides access to relevant meeting videos recorded with your permission.
Contacts This page allows you to fill in the contact information for your team. This pre-populates drop down menus to make filling out your SSP faster.
Notifications This page displays user alerts. For example, Security Returned Scan Results (as its name implies) notifies you of the availability of scan results.
Help Center This page provides Game Warden product documentation.
Submit Ticket From the Support Ticket page you can submit tickets directly to the Game Warden team to get help on issues from account problems, process questions, feature requests, and more.
CompanyProfile This page reveals the Users tab which displays information for Team Members invited to your profile. The table includes Name, Email, and Role fields. This page also includes the DUNS#, company website URL, and LinkedIn access information.
Settings This page allows you to view and edit your Profile information.
My Account This button logs you out of the Game Warden app.

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