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Submitting Support Tickets

The ticketing system is a way for you to track progress and communicate on issues you need help with during your onboarding journey as well as after deployment to production. The below steps illustrate how to use the Game Warden ticketing system.

  1. Log into the Game Warden Web app

  2. In the left side banner, click on SUBMIT TICKET

  3. This takes you to the Support Tickets page where you can submit and manage your tickets.

  4. To submit a new ticket, click on + CREATE A TICKET

  5. Fill out the fields in the Submit A Support Ticket window.

    a. Provide a descriptive ticket name

    b. Provide as much detail as possible in the Issue Description field.

    • The affected app, container, function, and conditions that led to the issue will help our engineers with troubleshooting.

    • If the issue is not technical in nature, still provide as much detail as possible so we can apply the appropriate resources towards a solution.

    c. Select the checkbox to attest that no CUI data is in your message. This box MUST be checked to continue.

    • If CUI data is included in your ticket, that will constitute a data spillage.

    d. Select the SUBMIT button.

  6. You will see your submitted tickets listed on the Support Tickets page.

    a. You can sort and search your tickets by Number, Title, Date Opened, and Status.

    b. The status field is dynamic and will change as our team addresses your ticket.

  7. You can view your ticket details by clicking on it.

  8. You can leave comments and review messages from the Second Front team.

  9. Once your issue has been resolved, you can click on the CLOSE link for the corresponding ticket and click SUBMIT on the confirmation window.

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