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External Messaging Services

A variety of External Messaging Services integrate with Game Warden, enabling you to send outbound, no-reply notifications from within your application.

Game Warden can support email, pub/sub, SMS, and SNS - including the equivalent services provided by AWS, GCP, and Azure. These services, widely known for their ability to send secure, bulk messages (i.e. mass mailings for marketing campaigns), have many uses. The Game Warden team will use these services to enable you to send custom templated messages to your users. Our team selected these services not only for their scalability and high performance but also because they easily integrate with our product.

Messaging Templates

You can customize messaging templates based on your application needs. Each template will be an outbound, no-reply message that originates from within your application.

For example, you might create an email template that notifies users when new documents are available for download. Similarly, you might create an SMS template that alerts users of upcoming password expiration dates. Your application needs will dictate your messaging template content.

Consider the following best practices when designing your templates:

  • Messages have a predefined generic message template. Example: You have a new message. Log in to X to access your message.

  • There are no Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) data fields or information transfer.

  • There are no CUI markings on your templates.

The above-mentioned stipulations prevent CUI data spillage. A spillage occurs when data is sent to users with no CUI-level or need-to-know access, when data is stored at a lower Impact Level (IL) such as IL2, or when data is sent to commercial Internet email accounts via services such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. If you suspect CUI data spillage, please report this event immediately using the Game Warden Security Incident procedures. Our team will work to resolve the issue.

Data Sensitivity Responsibility

Game Warden cannot determine what data is sensitive for all customers. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to work with their mission owner to determine both:
- What information in your Game Warden environment is CUI and
- Ensure the variables in your messaging templates don’t pose the risk of pulling CUI data from Game Warden.

Use Cases

In the Game Warden environment, external messaging services aligns with the following use cases:

  • Send outbound, application-specific email templates.
  • Send notifications on a regular, scheduled basis.
  • Track that notifications were sent.

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