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Mobile Support

Progressive Web Application Solution

Currently, Game Warden customers needing mobile solutions are encouraged to build a responsive, progressive, web application. Designs should ensure end users are able to use Appgate and Keycloak on mobile devices for the best mobile experience currently available.

Progressive web apps are designed to work on any browser that is compliant with appropriate web standards and does not require separate bundling or distribution. In particular, there is no requirement for developers or users to install a progressive web app via a digital distribution system, such as an app store.

Personal Devices

Game Warden cannot support mobile applications on personal/uncontrolled devices at any impact level, as these devices are not approved to store and process Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and/or more sensitive data. It is highly unlikely that this feature will be added to the Game Warden product roadmap as this restriction is unlikely to change.

Government Devices

If the PoC yields successful, repeatable patterns, customers would need to come to Second Front with the following to explore the feasibility of a mobile application for government owned/furnished devices for their specific use case:
- Government partner with signed contract
- Design specifications for the mobile application
- Design specifications for the edge device
- Additional use case details

Second Front Systems cannot ensure mobile application or device security or compatibility and, at this time, application and system design are the responsibility of the customers and their government sponsor. Customers need to design their solution with their government partner, at which point Second Front Systems can help with implementation.

Last updated: 04/08/2024

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