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Do you have any Onboarding documentation that we can start reviewing?

You will receive an invite to our onboarding tool, GuideCX, shortly before your Kickoff. We will review the tool together during your Kickoff to ensure you understand how to view it and navigate the Implementation process.

Can Second Front give us a team overview? Who does what, and who we should contact for assistance?

The Team Overview and Introductions for both Second Front and your team will take place during the Kickoff meeting.

Can your technical SME and our technical SME set up some time to start talking through technical details?

The Technical Review takes place after the Kickoff. In your Kickoff, we will review the Technical Artifacts we need you to submit in order to schedule your Technical Review. More information about these Technical Artifacts can be found here.

When putting together the Architectural Diagram, what assumptions can be made about the Kubernetes environment?

Customers can assume there is ingress and that mTLS certificates are provisioned by Istio (inside the cluster). If you have unique or different certificate requirements, those would need to be documented and provided to us.

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