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Platform One

How do I change the email address I use for my Platform One (P1) Single Sign-On (SSO) Account?

To change your P1 SSO email address, access the Account page, modify your email address, and Save this new account information.

Game Warden's infrastructure and platform are distinct from Platform One, but we do have connection points through their services.

  1. We use portions of the P1 Big Bang tech stack within our tech stack.
  2. We connect to the DoD network through the P1-managed Cloud Native Access Point (CNAP), which is how we get our IP-space and .mil domain.
  3. We federate the P1-managed SSO solution for CAC authorization.

When shifting from a deployment on Platform One (P1) to Game Warden, will we be able to do QA testing during this transfer?

Customers doing a straight lift and shift from Platform One (P1) will be able to validate functionality in the DEV and STG environments.

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