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Impact Levels

What are DoD Impact Levels (IL), and which ones can Game Warden access?

DoD Impact Levels (ILs) are used to categorize information systems along with the information they store and process, based on the potential impact of the information system or the associated information being compromised. The security qualities taken into account when determining DoD ILs include confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Game Warden currently provides access to IL2, IL4, and IL5. IL6 access is planned for the near future.

For more information, read this article.

Who can access the Game Warden's application endpoints in IL4+?

Game Warden customers and end users can self-register. Anyone with a P1 SSO account and a Government Access Card authorized for the endpoint’s Impact Level (IL) should be able to access Game Warden's endpoints.

Self-registration process:
1. Create P1 SSO account here.
1. Download and configure AppGate.
1. Test AppGate by trying to access the Game Warden endpoint URL.

If you are authorized at the appropriate IL for that endpoint, you should be granted access.

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